Students interested in studying insurance and related topics at Rutgers Law have a number of choices. 

The following classes represent core insurance offerings:

Insurance Law (Scales or Feinman)

Insurance Lab (Scales)

Insurance Seminar: Litigation, Insurance, and Torts (Feinman)

For those interested in health insurance and the regulatory impact of insurance on the practice of medicine, we offer the following classes:

Health Law: Regulating Financing (Frankford)

Health Law: Regulating Quality & The Patient-Provider Relationship (Rosenblatt)

Health Care Fraud and Abuse (Frankford)

There are a number of classes related to insurance and the management of risk, including:

Administrative Law

Business Torts

Estate Planning

Estates & Trusts

Risk & Responsibility Courses Offered in Fall 2020:

  • Advanced Torts (Scales)
  • Estates and Trusts (Eutsler)
  • Health Law- Regulating Financing (Frankford)
  • Remedies (Swedloff)

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