Welcome to the Center for Risk and Responsibility

The Center explores the ways in which society makes choices about risk, its proper allocation, and compensation for the harm caused when risks materialize.

The recognition of risk and attempts to manage it are defining features of modern society, and the law responds in a number of ways. Tort law allocates the burden of harm that results from risk, compensates victims of risk-producing harm, and provides disincentives for risky behavior. Insurance law enables and constrains risk allocation by private parties. Administrative regulation attempts to directly control risk-creating activity. The Center provides a forum for scholarly discourse on these topics.

Principal activities of the Center include two events each academic year: a workshop for scholars and a conference that is broadly interdisciplinary, involving legal academics, social scientists, practicing lawyers, industry executives, and government officials, as appropriate to the topics.

Core faculty for the Center are Professors Jay Feinman, Adam Scales, and Rick Swedloff.