The faculty co-directors of the Rutgers Center for Risk and Responsibility teaching and research in insurance, insurance law, and other fields.Through their own work and that of the Center, they have established Rutgers Law School as a prime location for the discussion of important issues in insurance.


Jay Feinman

Jay Feinman writes in insurance law, torts, and contract law. He has published seven books and more than 75 scholarly articles. His current work in insurance law focuses on homeowners insurance.


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Rick Swedloff

Rick Swedloff writes in the areas of insurance law, regulation, and access to the liability system. In recent years, he has written a series of articles on the role of insurance as a regulator of the practice of law at large law firms and the risks that emerge when insurers use big data.


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Adam Scales

Adam Scales is an expert in administrative law, insurance and torts and has taught courses in those areas.